Pop singer Britney Spears has turned to celebrity hypnotist PAUL McKENNA to help her conquer her smoking addiction.

The TOXIC hitmaker, 22, is currently in Britain during her ONYX HOTEL TOUR and visited McKenna last Wednesday (29APR04).

Radio DJ-turned-hypnotist McKenna has previously helped fellow celebrities The Who rocker Roger Daltrey, Robbie Williams, Sarah Ferguson, Sophie Dahl, Martine McCutcheon, David Bowie, Geri Halliwell, Ronnie Wood, Sugababes, JERRY HALL.

Spears told American TV show host Diane Sawyer last year (NOV03) she was trying to cut back the amount of cigarettes she was smoking.

She said, "I am cutting back. I have a tour to do and I'm cutting back on smoking because there's no way in hell I can be on stage and perform the way I want to."

Spears has even been told to quit nicotine by her idol and friend Madonna.

Madonna's spokeswoman LIZ ROSENBERG says, "Madonna was telling her she shouldn't smoke. It was a really funny exchange, but Britney said she liked the way cigarettes made her voice sound."

05/05/2004 02:41