Britney Spears has rejected a plea deal offered by the Los Angeles' City Attorney in relation to hit-and-run charges incurred last August (07). The star scraped a parked car in a private parking lot in the San Fernando Valley on 6 August (07) in California while driving without a valid licence. The hit-and-run charge, which was caught on camera, was dismissed in court in October (07), after Spears offered a personal apology and $1,000 (GBP500) in compensation to the vehicle's owner, Kim Robard-Rifkin. But the troubled star is still facing a charge of driving without a valid Californian driving licence - because at the time of the incident, she was only in possession of a permit from hernative Louisiana. Spears' lawyer Michael Flanagan tells the offer she turned down was to plead guilty to the licence misdemeanour, meaning "no probation, contingent on her paying the maximum fine of $3000". But the pop star has instructed Flanagan to turn down the deal when he appears in court on Friday (25Jan08) as "they (the authorities) are attempting to treat her differently than they would any other person who did not have a valid licence at the time." Spears has since obtained her Californian driving licence.