Pop beauty Britney Spears will unveil her freestyle rap skills on a new hip-hop mix tape, which is set to go into circulation.

Boston, Massachusetts, DJ CLINTON SPARKS is excitedly preparing to unleash the TOXIC singer's rap vocals, which were shown off during a collaboration with British comedian Ali G.

He tells website ALLHIPHOP.COM, "The next mix tape I'm about to drop, I'm gonna have a first-ever Britney Spears rapping freestyle. She did sixteen bars, all rapping.

"The curiosity factor on (Britney's lyrics) will be so high, that everybody will want to at least hear it. I try to do things that will make my tapes stand out, and make people like MTV interested in them."

The mix tape is expected to be released next month (OCT04).

23/09/2004 09:22