Troubled pop star Britney Spears will release a series of personal video diaries on the internet, according to reports.
The Toxic hitmaker has been documenting her turbulent life through video diaries over the last six-months, and is rumoured to be releasing the emotive footage through the web or on music channel MTV.
According to British newspaper the Daily Mirror, the star lashes out at her family and friends in the videos, and criticises ex-lover R+B Justin Timberlake.
A source tell the publication, "Britney's video diaries are the talk of the Tinseltown elite. If she does decide to go public with the footage, it'll be explosive.
"Although some of it is really sad to watch, especially the parts where she is close to breakdown, others are dynamite."
In 2005, the 26-year-old singer gave fan's an insight into her life in the MTV reality show Chaotic, which followed Spears' relationship and courtship with then husband Kevin Federline.