Pop star Britney Spears has reportedly been offered a staggering $4 million (GBP2 million) to perform just one song - to a group of rich sheikhs in Dubai. The troubled singer - who's currently on a $1,500 (GBP750)-per-week debit card allowance following her public meltdown - has been approached by Pakistani Sheeraz Hasan, founder of celebrity website hollywood.tv, to perform her raunchy tune I'm A Slave 4 U to an elite audience in the Middle East. The one-song performance would net her $4 million - as well as luxury accommodation on her own private island for the duration of her trip, reports British newspaper the Daily Star. Hasan claims he's already secured a deal with hotel heiress Paris Hilton to visit the Arabs - and Spears is his next target. He says, "I'm going to take Paris Hilton to Dubai - the sheikhs said any amount of money she wants is fine - and next I'm going to take Britney. "Everything Britney does is news - Britney pumps gas, Britney forgets to put milk in her coffee."