Britney Spears's fiance Kevin Federline has walked up the aisle with a former girlfriend before - in a Mexican coming-of-age ceremony.

The dancer, due to marry Spears in November (04), was 15 when he and childhood sweetheart FELICIA CABIERO dressed up like a bride and groom for the quinceanera, a traditional service in Latin America to mark a girl's 15th birthday.

Federline was Cabiero's escort for the bash and the couple walked arm-in-arm while leading a procession of family and friends.

Cabiero lost her virginity to Federline at the age of 14. She says, "He was the first guy I slept with and I was the first girl he slept with.

"We had tried a few times to get it right at his dad's house. Eventually we were at a friend's place and had been drinking and we just did it.

"He actually became quite a good lover. His dad is Italian, after all.

"I think it's hilarious he's now engaged to Britney. I don't know if it will last. But I hope he doesn't break her heart."

Federline dumped his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, who yesterday (21JUL04) gave birth to his second child, to be with Spears earlier this year (04). In January (04), the TOXIC singer wed Jason Alexander in Las Vegas, Nevada before having the union annulled 55 hours later.

22/07/2004 02:53