Britney Spears is in talks to appear at the Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday (16Sep07) - just one week after her poor performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, according to reports. The troubled pop star took to the stage at the Las Vegas awards ceremony on 9 September (07) to perform her new song, Gimme More - but her set was panned by critics and celebrities alike. And the 25-year-old is now looking to get her reputation and career back on track - by addressing her lacklustre MTV comeback at the Primetime Emmys. Spears is said to be "in negotiations" with American TV network Fox to put in an appearance on the show, although nothing has been agreed just yet. A source at Fox tells, "The idea is to have her come on and apologise for the VMAs. She's weighing the offer." Another source close to Spears adds, "I can't say this is 100 per cent not true. All I can say is that the Emmy people aren't dealing with her record company, her manager or her agents at William Morris. So if she is doing anything for the Emmys then it's not going through the official channels." The 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live from Los Angeles on Sunday.