American pop star Britney Spears has started house hunting in London, after falling in love with the British capital's atmosphere.

The curvy singer is considering re-locating to Britain permanently after developing a strong bond with the sprawling city, which she says happened before her new pop pal and committed Anglophile, Madonna, began converting her to the joys of Britain.

Britney explains, "Before me and Madonna even did anything together, I went to London and was taken aback how I felt when I was here. It's like a state of being that I really liked. Then we met and she was talking about how much she liked it too so much.

"Recently I went to go look at a place. It was a three storey house here, so I'm thinking about it. It's something I'm definitely interested in."

Spears, whose new single ME AGAINST THE MUSIC is a collaboration with Madonna, believes her affection for London may be due to an old family connection .

She ponders, "It's really weird. I like being here for some reason, I don't know if it's because my grandmother used to live here a long time ago or something like that."

29/10/2003 14:06