Britney Spears has accused the paparazzi of attempting to "run her off the road" after a high-speed chase in Los Angeles which resulted in the arrest of four snappers late on Wednesday night (16Jan08). Police officers pulled over eight photographers' cars at around 11.30pm in the Mission Hills area of the San Fernando Valley after they were spotted driving dangerously and making several unsafe lane changes in their pursuit of Spears. Lieutenant Mario Munoz from the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed four snappers had been booked on charges of reckless driving after they were seen following a white Mercedes-Benz too closely. Spears' Mercedes was also stopped by cops, but was released without charge after a brief interview. She also had her driver's licence verified. But the star's accusation against the snappers for trying to bump her from the road was dropped after she failed to identify the car in question, according to