Britney Spears latest drinking binge left her a little worse for wear - she was sick all over new boyfriend ISAAC COHEN. The TOXIC singer was in Las Vegas with Cohen late last Friday night (12JAN07), when she had an adverse reaction to her drink. Pictures printed in today's (16JAN07) British newspapers show Britney slumped over the male model in her car, while he wipes his clothes and the gear stick with paper towels. The pop princess then sucked on a lollipop to get rid of the aftertaste. An onlooker told British newspaper The Sun: "The car suddenly stopped and Britney was being sick. As soon as they realised they could be seen, Isaac tried to cover the mess with his shirt." But Britney couldn't have picked a better place to nurse her hangover. The couple stayed in the tower's $40,000 (GBP21,000) per night, two-story Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, with a Jacuzzi pool, glass elevator, rotating bed and full bar.