Britney Spears and her mother, LYNNE, have given away their kitchen secrets by handing over a family recipe for seafood pasta to celebrity cookbook STAR PALATE.

The book, which benefits the MARSHA RIVKIN CENTER FOR OVARIAN CANCER Research and the BREAST CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION, features recipes from a range of stars, and Spears and her mother are particularly thrilled to be helping such an important cause.

Lynne says in statement, "Both Britney and I are committed to doing whatever we can to help further research for this devastating disease, and were honoured to support this project in a significant way."

The book, which will hit shelves next month (OCT04), will also include recipes from Tori Amos, Anastacia, Billy Joel and Alice Cooper, as well as from noted chefs.

01/09/2004 02:39