Britney Spears has upped her already rigorous work-out routine as she prepares to try and win her pop crown back from ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and arch rival Christina Aguilera.

Britney's musical success has been eclipsed recently by her former DISNEY CLUB co-stars, and the star is so determined to reignite her career she's added to her exercise regime - which already reportedly takes up 76 full days a year.

Her mother LYNNE reports, "Britney went to a dance class taught by her old friend, BRITTANY HASTINGS. She said it was a great workout in addition to her regular routine."

A source adds, "Anyone who thinks seeing Christina and Justin's success hasn't been hard on Britney is wrong. Britney was the star, Justin was the boyfriend and Christina the dowdier rival - but now they've all but eclipsed Britney's fame."

07/05/2003 13:34