Britney Spears' divorce battle could spark new rumours about the pop star's sexuality - if her estranged husband goes public with party gossip. Rap music producer OMAR `ICEMAN' SHARIF, who is one of Kevin Federline's confidantes, has gone public with reports about Spears' wild secret life, claiming the TOXIC singer staged same sex parties at the mansion she shared with his pal. Sharif tells In Touch magazine, "Britney was into threesomes and girls," adding the pop star would often invite a bunch of girlfriends over to the couple's house to party. This comes years after bisexual porn queen Jenna Jameson revealed she and Spears had a special connection after the pop star told a mutual friend she was a fan of the actress' steamy movies. Jameson revealed Spears invited her to the opening of her Nyla restaurant, but her handlers kept her away from the pop star. One source tells In Touch that Federline plans to use details of his estranged wife's sexploits if his custody battle over their sons JAYDEN JAMES and Sean Preston turns ugly. The insider tells the publication, "He wants to show that she's not such an angel after all."