The owner of the hair salon that Britney Spears made famous by calling in for a buzz cut a year ago (16Feb07) wishes the troubled pop star had chosen another stylist. On the anniversary of Spears' shocking style choice, which hit headlines around the globe, Esther's Salon owner Esther Tognozzi regrets shaving off the pop star's locks - because it has turned her business into a tourist curiosity. Tognozzi tells America's People magazine, "It was a major disruption in my life. "I have tourists come by from other countries, and we keep the door locked since people try and sneak in to take pictures or sit in the chair she sat in." The Spears buzz cut story also led to pranksters calling the salon, and Tognozzi has spent the last year denying reports she's selling off her one-time superstar client's hair. She adds, "They (people) were using my identity. Talk about an invasion of privacy. I got a little glimpse of her world, and it makes me feel bad for her." Tognozzi insists she still has Spears' hair and the buzzer used to shave the singer, and she is waiting for the pop star to retrieve the items herself. She says, "People offered me quite a bit to buy it, especially in the first 48 hours since they wanted to drug test it. It would be nice if she came back and collected it." The stylist hopes Spears will eventually repay her for her discretion - and write Tognozzi a cheque for her favourite charity, an Armenian orphanage.