Britney Spears is advertising her anticipated ONYX HOTEL TOUR in a sexy new TV commercial - which features the pop beauty in a blindfold.

The 22-year-old singer is seen wearing the blindfold and sporting MARILYN MONROE-style platinum hair in the ad, as an adapted version of her latest single TOXIC plays.

At the end of the commercial - which is set in an luxurious hotel lobby - Spears unravels her black blindfold to say, "Are you ready for what's next?"

Spears, who kicks off her tour on 2 March (04) in San Diego, California, hopes her fans will enjoy the experience.

She says, "I would want them to say, 'That was just the most amazing experience that I just had of my life.' Kind of like the feeling you get watching a strong movie where you go through all these different emotions.

"There's moments where you want to cry and moments where you're so into it. It's very theatrical and very well thought out."

27/02/2004 17:24