Britney Spears' aides are encouraging the pop superstar to pour out her rehab emotions in her journal because the last time she did, it inspired a string of hits. The TOXIC singer, who is currently seeking counselling at Promises rehab centre in Malibu, California, has started scribbling down her inner-most feelings about her struggle with addiction, and family and friends couldn't be happier. When Spears previously took time to write down her thoughts and feelings, she came up with hits like I'M NOT A GIRL, NOT YET A WOMAN. A source tells the new issue of America's Life + Style magazine, "She's really baring her soul." And a pal adds, "When Britney writes in her journal, it's as if there's no one else there but her. I've seen her cry or laugh out loud, but she's really in her own world. "(She used to) pour her feelings into poems in her journal. She's always found writing to be cathartic." And the journal notes aren't the only things Spears is writing in rehab - she's also penning a series of apology letters, which are part of the centre's recovery programme. An insider says, "The letters aren't meant to be sent. They just help her work through her feelings and issues."