Britney Spears has become such an expert on break-ups after splitting with Justin Timberlake, she has agreed to offer tips to the heartbroken in teenage magazine M.

The pop star confesses she surrounded herself with friends, ate a lot of ice-cream and listened to Madonna to get over the heartache, and she advises others to follow her lead.

However, she admits she quickly started enjoying being single again, saying, "It's nice again to be kind of like, 'You know what? I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm not going to ask you what movie you want to see. I'm going to see a movie I want to see.'"

And Britney urges girls to go solo if they start to think they have nothing in common with their boyfriend.

She adds, "It's a really hard thing to cut that off sometimes. But I think it's worth it, too. I think you should go ahead and take the risk and take a chance and put yourself out there because it's an amazing feeling."

03/10/2003 09:19