Just a week after apologising to fans for her hard-partying ways, pop star Britney Spears hit a Los Angeles burlesque club and entertained patrons with an impromptu striptease. The newly-single star showed up at 40 Deuce on Sunday night (17DEC06) and jumped onstage between striptease acts. According to the New York Daily News, Spears and some girlfriends gyrated for the crowd, with Spears, cigarette in hand, unzipping her top and baring her bra. The TOXIC star was reportedly having so much fun, the club's manager had to step in and physically remove her from the stage. Spears quickly jumped back onstage, forcing the manager to dislodge her once again so that the real dancers could complete their show. The deflated singer then hit the bar where she returned to her drink of choice for the night - a cocktail of champagne mixed with Coca-Cola.