Pop beauty Britney Spears was nearly the victim of a jealousy-fuelled attack at the weekend (10APR04), when the singer seductively undressed an envious woman's boyfriend on stage.

The TOXIC star was reportedly taking part in a 'Boxers or Briefs' competition with three men at New York's LUCKY CHENG'S nightclub when Spears' "sexual display" with the competitors infuriated one furious girlfriend.

But Britney was saved from the woman's confrontational advance when a group of bodyguards stepped in to prevent her attacking the sexy star.

A witness tells Britain's DAILY SPORT tabloid, "At first, we couldn't believe it was Britney.

"It was a very sexual display. Her hands were all over those guys.

"One girlfriend was absolutely furious. She went for Britney and had to be subdued by security.

"She didn't think it was funny at all. She tried to stop Britney but the bodyguards got to her first."

12/04/2004 13:22