Britney Spears' mum LYNNE reportedly pulled out of a 6 June (07) appearance on U.S. morning show The View when she realised the topic of conversation would focus on her daughter's demons. Lynne Spears was hoping to promote a new business deal on the show and insisted she wouldn't talk about her daughter's recent rehab stint and recovery. But, as she made plans to appear on the show, she learned the four co-hosts of the popular programme were insisting on grilling her about Britney - and she cancelled, according to Life + Style magazine. An insider tells the publication, "Lynne wouldn't do it." The decision not to do the show has reportedly brought Britney and her mum closer together - after they fell out over rehab plans; Britney wanted to avoid counselling, but her worried mum insisted the pop star check into Promises rehab facility in Malibu, and then personally drove her there. Family sources admit Lynne is thrilled she and her daughter are talking again. One tells Life + Style, "Lynne is more hurt than anything. She feels she sacrificed everything for Britney."