Britney Spears' mother LYNNE still has nightmares about the night her daughter was taken to hospital after a meltdown at her home - because medical staff refused to let her ride with the singer.
Lynne admits she dashed to her then-estranged daughter's home in the hope she'd be able to comfort her after the January 2008 emergency - but she wasn't allowed to be a part of the convoy that transported Britney to hospital.
She says, "That was the most horrible time because I felt so helpless. I'm begging the ambulance (men) 'Please let me ride, please let me go... I'm her mom,' and they tell me, 'If you don't hush, we're gonna restrain you.'
"I did get an apology when I got to the hospital but I didn't see any reason whatsoever why I couldn't ride with her and hold her hand."