Britney Spears found sympathy in the form of Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver as she attempted to avoid the paparazzi on Wednesday afternoon (06Feb08). The troubled pop star headed for the Beverly Hills Hotel upon her release from the psychiatric ward at UCLA Medical Center - and found a famous friend in Shriver. California Governor Schwarzenegger's wife took time to briefly chat with Spears when she realised the pop star was in the lobby of the hotel as she was leaving to attend a meeting. A hotel guest says, "The paparazzi on Britney's tail were kicked out of the lobby by security, leaving her sitting quiet and calm in a corner. "Maria Shriver was walking through the lobby when one of her entourage pointed Britney out; she immediately went over and introduced herself to Britney. "It was brief but Maria seemed very concerned and very sympathetic. She made sure no one could hear what she said to Britney. "As she left the lobby, she told a friend, `There ought to be a law against those guys', and nodded towards the paparazzi outside."