Britney Spears bowed to pressure from her family and made Kevin Federline sign a pre-nuptial agreement to prevent him from staking a claim on her $108 million (GBP60 million) fortune.

Spears, who married dancer Federline at a secret ceremony last weekend (18SEP04), initially refused a pre-nup, saying they were "truly in love"' and would always be together.

However, the TOXIC singer changed her mind when her legal advisers told her she could end up broke if she walked out on Federline.

A family friend says, "Britney thought the idea of a pre-nup was vile, because she is loved-up with Kevin and cannot envisage breaking up.

"However, it was made clear to her that no-one in Hollywood these days gets married without brokering a deal. She finally agreed that she ought to protect her fortune. She had a long chat with Kevin and he was cool about it."

Britney's 55-hour marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander in January (04) cost her an undisclosed lump sum and a $144,000 (GBP80,000) PORSCHE sports car.

The friend continues, "Britney should have known a pre-nup was on the cards. She had to shell out for Jason - the same could happen if it all goes wrong with Kevin.

22/09/2004 14:12