LATEST: Britney Spears has lost her bid to alter the conditions of her child custody arrangement, despite winning an emergency hearing in Los Angeles on Thursday morning (11Oct07). The troubled pop star failed to show up in court to face Commissioner Scott Gordon and ex-husband Kevin Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, amid a confusion of media interest and misfiled paperwork. The court revealed early Thursday morning that paperwork had not been filed properly and, as a result, the hearing had not been scheduled, but Gordon agreed to meet with the parties, reportedly telling them to "go and get a cup of coffee and work it out". In her absence, Spears' lawyers had asked Commissioner Scott Gordon for overnights, partly because she's passed all her drug tests. Kaplan fought a new ruling, claiming the custody order is only one week old. Commissioner Gordon refused to reverse the decision he made a week ago when he gave Federline physical custody of his kids, set the custody parameters and demanded Spears undergo a series of random drug and alcohol tests. Meanwhile, Thursday's court hearing wasn't the only thing Spears missed - she also failed to show for a scheduled audition, leaving 50 dancers standing outside the Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood. Spears was expected to check out the dancers for upcoming appearances and dates. The auditions will be rescheduled. As WENN went to press Spears had mysteriously just turned up at court - hours after her attorney's impromptu hearing had taken place. The singer drove to court in her white convertible Mercedes Benz and refused to get out of her car until all paparazzi crowding the entrance were cleared. Camera-shy Britney was then directed to an underground parking garage. She again refused to step out of her vehicle when she spotted a persistent photographer waiting to take a snapshot of her. She only agreed to leave her car when the snapper had taken off his camera and placed it on the floor by his feet.