Pop princess Britney Spears has been spotted running from a cinema in floods of tears, after watching a film with her new fiance and her little sister.

The TOXIC singer, 22, arrived late to a screening of romantic movie THE NOTEBOOK with beau Kevin Federline and JAMIE LYNN SPEARS - and then astounded movie-goers by running out of the theatre to sob in a toilet cubicle.

A shocked source tells gossip website POPDIRT.COM, "Britney Spears went to see The Notebook with her sister Jamie Lynn and Kevin Federline, along with a few other people. They came into the movie late, and they left early.

"After the movie, Britney and her girlfriends went into a bathroom stall together and waited a little while. When she came out, it looked like she had been crying from the movie and left.

"She was limping a lot because of her leg, and she didn't look too good. Her face was puffy from crying and full of acne."

01/07/2004 17:22