The lawyer representing Britney Spears in her latest legal woe has vowed to appeal if the pop star is convicted for driving without a licence.
The Toxic hitmaker will face the charge when her trial gets underway on Wednesday (15Oct08) in a Van Nuys, California court.
The count relates to a 2007 incident when she was reportedly caught driving in the state without a valid California licence. At the time, she was allegedly only in possession of a licence from her native Louisiana.
Spears' attorney Michael Flanagan has already twice turned down the prosecution team's offer of a $150 (GBP81) fine and 12 months probation to make the legal spat go away - because, to get it, she would have to accept she's guilty of a criminal offence.
And Flanagan is ready to fight the case all the way, if that's what it takes to clear Spears' name.
He tells, "My client will never plead guilty to this charge, which should be reduced to an infraction. We'll appeal any conviction."
Jury selection is scheduled to begin on Wednesday (15Oct08) and the trial is expected to last several days. Spears is not required to attend as it's only a misdemeanour charge, but she faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 (GBP540) fine if convicted.
The singer has since obtained her California licence.