Britney Spears' husband Kevin Federline doesn't get a lot of sleep - and it has nothing to do with his wife's sexual appetite or the couple's baby sons. The wannabe rapper admits his pop star wife likes to keep him awake at night - chatting. He says, "My wife likes to wake me up at 2am and have conversations. She's like poking at me, 'Baby, can we go to dinner tomorrow?'" Meanwhile, Federline admits some of his wife's favourite TV shows are rubbing off on him - like reality TV show AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. Speaking to the show's host Tyra Banks on her daily talk show, he adds, "I'm a huge sucker for the show. My wife, she really likes to watch it, so I'll always catch myself sitting there and she'll turn it on and that's it, we're glued to the TV."