Britney Spears is reportedly pregnant with fiance Kevin Federline's child, due this Christmas (04).

The TOXIC singer, 22, allegedly plans to rush down the aisle with Federline, whom she has been dating for two months, as her mother LYNNE wants to ensure her daughter is married when she has her fiance's baby in December (04).

Federline already has a four-year-old daughter, and is set to become a father for the second time in two weeks when former girlfriend Shar Jackson gives birth.

A source tells British newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD, "Her mum has taken control now. She's let Britney do what she wanted in the past but now she wants everything done by the book.

"That's why they got engaged first, rather than just get married like Britney did before."

Lynne was reportedly furious when Spears got married to childhood pal Jason Alexander earlier this year (JAN04) - in a Las Vegas ceremony which lasted 55 hours.

Spears wants to wait until her leg - which was recently injured on a video shoot set - has healed before she says her vows.

The source adds, "The reason they're getting married in November (04) is because doctors have told her she'll be fully recovered.

"Everything is happening so fast, but they're really happy."

27/06/2004 15:04