Britney Spears proposed to her Las Vegas bride groom Jason Alexander after performing like an "animal" in bed, according to the star's ex love.

Alexander, 22, told British newspaper NEWS OF THE WORLD, how the singer invited him to Nevada's Sin City for a romantic break, where they ended up getting married at THE LITTLE WHITE CHAPEL on 3 January (04) - which was over 55 hours later.

He says, "We'd kiss but that's as far as it had gone. Then, last Christmas Eve (03) she came up to my place and asked if I wanted to go to Las Vegas for the New Year with some of her friends. I said 'yes'."

While in the gambling city, Spears paid for her and Alexander to share a suite in the PALMS CASINO HOTEL.

Alexander explains, "She was an animal in bed. We didn't use any precautions. The sex was mind-blowing and rough.

"We did every position you could think of. It was so wild we managed to fall off the bed together."

It was after a night of love-making the next day the TOXIC star proposed to Alexander.

He adds, "She acted really shy and said, 'Will you marry me?' I said 'yes'. She was ecstatic. She didn't even put her panties on in the rush as she slipped on her jeans."

Following their marriage ceremony at chapel, the newlyweds returned to their suite.

Alexander says, "That first time we made love in our hotel suite as a married couple was amazing. It was more special and sensual than before."

11/07/2004 14:29