LATEST: Namibian government officials have invited Britney Spears to give birth in the African country, even though the singer has never expressed an interest in emulating Angelina Jolie. The Namibian Deputy Environment and Tourism Minister, LEON JOOSTE, announced last week (ends18JUN06) the pregnant pop star had been in touch with him about visiting the country. She reportedly told him she was impressed with the privacy Jolie and boyfriend Brad Pitt were able to demand while they prepared for the birth of their daughter SHILOH NOUVEL. But Spears' New York publicist rubbished the speculation and the minister Jooste was forced to admit the phone connection for the conversation was bad and he never got a contact name of the person phoning him. Jooste, who admitted he had probably been the victim of a prank caller, insists he is still keen to make the TOXIC star the next high profile celebrity to grab headlines for his developing country. He says, "(We will) call and invite them to see if they would like to come. We have a little niche tourism market that we are developing."