Pop star Britney Spears has sparked another car seat controversy after being photographed with her young sons not properly strapped into her vehicle. The TOXIC singer caused a world-wide controversy last year (06) when she failed to put her son Sean Preston in a car seat while trying to escape the paparazzi. On 12 February (07) Spears was spotted in the backseat of a car in New York City with her two sons, Sean, 17 months and JAYDEN JAMES, five months. Photos revealed that Jayden was facing the wrong way in his car seat, while the straps meant to restrain Sean were falling around his arms. Child safety seat advocate ALISA BAER slams the star telling American publication Us Weekly, "She has five-month-old Jayden James forward-facing. "To decrease the risk of serious spinal cord injury and death, kids must be at least one year old and at least 20 pounds (nine kilograms) before riding forward-facing. "It also appears that Sean Preston's straps are way too loose - they appear to have slipped down to his elbows - again the same mistake she made earlier with him."