Pop babe Britney Spears has allegedly spent the night with a gorgeous brunette she picked up in notorious gay and lesbian club.

The TOXIC singer, 22, spent five hours in the PAN CLUB with her boyfriend Kevin Federline and the attractive brunette, before retiring with both of them to her hotel room in Copenhagen, Denmark - where she is on her ONYX HOTEL tour.

A source told British tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD, "Pan is a bit way out. The lesbians are a mix of really butch girls and feminine ones."

Spears reportedly met the dark-haired girl in the VIP area - where they seemed "very close" and were "giggling all the time".

Another source adds, "Britney was all over the brunette in the cab on the way back to the hotel.

"They were laughing and giggling and Britney made sure she sat next to the brunette, not Kevin. They all went upstairs together at the hotel.

"Lucky Kevin if anything happened. It must be every man's fantasy to be alone in a hotel room with Britney Spears and another woman."

18/05/2004 01:39