Pop singer Britney Spears has dumped the controversial Atkins diet to follow a Kosher food plan.

The TOXIC singer has become heavily interested in the Kabbalah - an aspect of Jewish mysticism - after she became friends with devout Kabbalah follower Madonna last year (03).

Despite claiming to follow the teachings and having a Kabbalah symbol on the back on her neck, Spears has continued to visit churches with her Baptist mother LYNNE.

After facing criticism from the media about her weight during her current ONYX HOTEL tour, Spears has turned to Kosher food in a bid to slim down.

A source tells British newspaper DAILY STAR, "Britney is following in the footsteps of Madonna and Winona Ryder, who all stick to Kosher food. She just feels so much healthier.

"As well as mot of the dishes being prepared with vegetable oil, Britney also avoids eating gelatine.

"Britney did the Atkins diet for a while, but then thought better of it. She just can't be bothered with serious diets and would much rather stick to one routine when it comes to food."

24/05/2004 02:13