Britney Spears has splashed out on a $140,000 (GBP80,000) PORSCHE sports car, as a wedding and annulment present for ex-husband Jason Alexander.

The generous gift is Alexander's sole souvenir from the couple's brief, 55 hour, marriage - because he agreed to an annulment, he waived any right to Spears' $100 million (GBP60 million) fortune.

A source says, "Britney was scared that Jason would not be as willing to annul their marriage as he was to tie the knot with her.

"She got a huge dressing down from her family, especially mum LYNNE, as well as from her advisers.

"They told her the quickie wedding was a mistake - a bad joke that could end up costing her a fortune."

07/01/2004 14:00