Britney Spears has been given the perfect U.S. Mother's Day gift - a day with
her kids.
Thanks to continued improvements in the pop star's relationship with
ex-husband Kevin Federline, the rapper/dancer has agreed to let Sean Preston
and Jayden James spend 11 May (08) with their mum.
Federline was given full custody of the kids after Spears staged a stand-off
with police, emergency services officials and childcare experts when she
refused to handover her sons after a scheduled visitation in January (08).
The couple have been battling the custody order ever since, but now Federline
appears to have cooled on the issue - and he's agreeing to let Spears spend
more time with their sons.
A family friend tells Life + Style magazine that Federline is considering
granting his ex overnight visits with the kids, after Spears filed a formal
request with the courts.
The insider says, "He hasn't said yes yet, but he's considering it."
And, whereas Federline once reportedly dreaded phone chats with his ex,
sources claim the couple has become friendly, with the rapper calling her his
"lady" and Spears ending calls by telling her former husband that she loves
One pals tells Life + Style, "It's such a huge change. It hasn't been like
this between them in forever."