Britney Spears and her husband Kevin Federline have reportedly called in the dancer's ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson, to help them with their marriage troubles.

Gossip columnist JAMIE FOSTER-BROWN, who is famous for breaking urban news items in her Sister 2 Sister magazine, is claiming the threesome have recently joined forces to talk through their problems.

And Foster-Brown suggests Jackson, the mother of Federline's children KORI and KALEB, might be among those trying to save Britney's reportedly shaky marriage.

The columnist says, "I asked my sources if tabloid reports of Britney and Kevin's split are true. They told me, 'Uh yes, pretty much.'

"Shar is not officially commenting, but she, Kevin and Britney have talked."

Reps for Spears and Federline and the couple themselves are refusing to comment on the speculation, insisting the marriage is far from troubled and the couple are still happy newlyweds.