Britney Spears held back tears on US TV news show DATELINE last night (15JUN06) as she fought to defend her marriage to dancer Kevin Federline. The pregnant pop star told interviewer Matt Lauer, "We're very happy together right now," as he quizzed her about the state of her marriage, which has become the subject of tabloid gossip for much of 2006. And, as she approaches her second wedding anniversary in September (06), Spears insisted all the stories about her "freeloading" and womanising husband are untrue. She admitted she worries that many people are dooming her marriage to fail - because it makes a good story. She said, "That would be horrible... because I love him and that's all that matters. "I feel for him because he's a man and he's trying to work and do his thing and I feel bad for him." And when Lauer pressed on and asked Spears how Federline feels by all the tabloid stories about him, she briefly lost her composure and started to cry, adding, "That makes me wanna cry, that hurts me, really."