Britney Spears spends $102,000 (GBP51,000)-per-month on entertainment, gifts and vacations, but just $1,600 (GBP800) on groceries and household supplies. The figures are revealed in new court documents that detail the expenses and income for the pop superstar and her ex-husband Kevin Federline. Spears' average monthly income is listed as $719,634 (GBP359,817), and yet she contributes nothing towards savings and investments, according to the papers. The official figures also list Spears' mortgage payments for May (07) as being $49,267 (GBP24,633)-a-month. Meanwhile, Federline lists his monthly income as being $20,000 (GBP10,000) in spousal support. He claims he spends $750 (GBP375)-a-month on groceries, $2,000 (GBP1,000) on clothes, and $5,000 (GBP2,500) on entertainment, gifts and vacations. His monthly expenses, as per the newly-released documents, total $32,300 (GBP16,150).