Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's exes have joined forces again to chat about the couple's recent split on US TV. Jason Alexander, who was briefly married to Spears, and Shar Jackson, who is the mother of two of Federline's children, have both spoken briefly about the pending divorce battle, but now they've sat down with TV talk show host DR KEITH ABLOW to comment further. The couple, who were once linked romantically earlier this year (06), taped the interview yesterday (30NOV06). It will air on Monday (04DEC06). During the chat, Jackson reveals she thinks her ex will fight hard for custody of the two sons he had with Spears. She says, "He loves his kids and I'm sure he's probably scared that Britney might take the kids and go back to Louisiana or go somewhere and he might not see them." Alexander reveals he spoke to Spears just after the split was announced, when she called to urge him to watch what he said to the media. He recalls, "Actually, it was really short. How'd she put it: "Don't say anything you'd regret."