Divorced couple Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were both in Las Vegas this week but held separate celebrations on their night out.

The pair, who recently finalised their seperation, partied at different venues and did not make plans to meet. Federline, 30, made his way to two hotspots Strip House and Prive Las Vegas before heading home at 03:00 local time, whereas Spears relaxed at the Cinevegas party at Palms Place.

However, the weekend turned out to be a special one for rapper Federline as he picked up an award for his parenting skills. He received the Father of the Year award during a quiet ceremony that was held in the venue's back kitchen.

The professional dancer had asked the venue to present him with the prize in private so as to avoid the glare of the photographers. Meanwhile, Spears spent time with her father Jamie and his business associates in a relaxed weekend by the pool and over dinner.

Spears and Federline filed for divorce after two years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.

The couple were then engaged in a bitter battle for custody of their two children, a time during which Spears' health went from bad to worse with her having to be hospitalised and needing to attend parenting sessions.

15/06/2008 13:17:07