The most popular Britney Spears fan website is closing after its owner declared the controversial pop star is "done". RUBEN GARAY, who has hosted since October 2000, yesterday (27DEC06) announced the site will no longer exist after 31 January (07) because the singer is "losing her identity and credibility with fans and industry people". Garay says, "I still and will always respect Britney as a human being, we are just choosing to not go on with this site... "I think that WoB has had its run. Its feet are not holding firm anymore, not because of my ability to run it, but because I believe Britney is unfortunately done (for me at least)." Spears has been criticised by fans and the media this year (06) for her parenting skills - earlier this year (06) she was visited by the Los Angeles' Department Of Children And Family Services (DCFS) after she was photographed driving with her baby son Sean Preston on her lap, and a month later when the tot fell out of his highchair at her Beverly Hills, California home. Spears' parenting skills were questioned again last month (NOV06) after she filed for divorce from husband Kevin Federline. The aspiring rapper filed court papers for sole custody of their two children, Sean Preston, 16 months; and JAYDEN JAMES, three months, claiming he didn't know of their whereabouts. Spears has repeatedly been photographed partying in Las Vegas, Miami, New York City and Los Angeles since their split, prompting speculation her mother LYNNE is caring for the young boys.