Britney Spears faces legal action from an Irish newspaper after she sued it for suggesting her marriage to Kevin Federline was on the rocks. The Sunday Independent printed an interview with the TOXIC singer earlier this year (JUNE06), in which it hinted the couple were heading for divorce. The fuming pop star immediately filed suit against the paper. Bosses at the Independent are now furious after the singer served Federline with divorce papers last week (7NOV06). The Sunday Independent's lawyer SIMON MCALEESE says, "She's (Spears) trying to get money. It was plainly bloody obvious that her marriage was on the rocks when the interview took place. She is a Hollywood airhead. Why should my clients have to pay for her bubble headed rubbish? "We're fed up. Her gaffe has been blown. It's a shame we're dealing with ludicrous drivel like this as it can be costly."