The ex-girlfriend of Britney Spears's new beau will only meet with the pop beauty for one reason - to discuss when she'll be babysitting her two children.

On 26 April (04), former MOESHA star Shar Jackson learned her longtime boyfriend, dancer KEVIN FEDERLINE - father of their two-year-old daughter KORI and July-due unborn son - cheated on her with Spears.

Federline then told a devastated Jackson he was going to Japan to shoot a COKE commercial, when in fact he joined Spears in London, where she was on her European tour.

But Jackson says that while she's shocked and saddened by the affair, she bears no hard feelings toward Spears.

She says, "I definitely thought it was a one-time thing and I guess I was wrong. Kevin wants to be a star and now he is, you superstar! Kevin made that choice. He destroyed this relationship, not her.

"What do (Britney and I) need to discuss? The only thing we need to discuss is when she's ready to babysit.

21/05/2004 00:07