LATEST: Britney Spears' sacked manager LARRY RUDOLPH is still on the run after holidaying with his kids in Maui, Hawaii - where he has been trying to avoid a subpoena from Kevin Federline's legal team. In an email to Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest over the weekend (25-26Aug07), Rudolph, who was fired as Spears' manager at the beginning of 2007 after a brief reconciliation with the troubled star, confessed he's keen to avoid having to testify against the Toxic singer. Spears' ex-husband's legal team has already rounded up the pop star's cousin Alli Sims, former bodyguard Damien Shippen and ex-assistant Shannon Funk and served them with subpoenas to testify as part of an upcoming child custody battle. And Rudolph is determined to avoid a messy day in court. Speaking on his Kiis FM show on Monday morning (27Aug07), American Idol host Seacrest said, "He said that he's doing his best to hide from Kevin's process server. "He doesn't want to be served because it wouldn't be good for Britney... Under oath he doesn't want to have to testify... (because), after all that he's been through, he's still loyal to her."