Britney Spears has voiced her disdain at the media frenzy that constantly surrounds her - hitting out at everyone for always wanting "a piece" of her. The outburst appears on new song Piece Of Me from her as-yet-untitled forthcoming album, which is expected to hit stores in November (07). But the lyrics on the track give the public an insight into the 25-year-old's state of mind, and her hatred of the world's press always commenting on her appearance and personal life. She sings: "I'm Mrs American Dream, since 17, they want a piece of me. "I'm successful, rich and famous, I'm Mrs Oh My God, I'm Britney, Shameless. "I'm Mrs Extra, Extra, This Just In, I'm Mrs She's Too Big, She's Too Thin." Spears has been in the public eye since her debut single, Baby One More Time, became a worldwide hit in 1999. She has more recently hit the headlines for her alleged drug use and stint in rehab, her divorce from dancer Kevin Federline, and her dismal comeback performance at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month (Sep07).