LATEST: Britney Spears will not face prosecution after allegedly driving through a red light with her two sons strapped into the backseat of her car, police have confirmed. On Thursday night (08Nov07), Spears was caught driving towards the intersection on Coldwater Canyon in Los Angeles raising her cell phone to her face while keeping her other hand on the steering wheel of her Mercedes-Benz. But the star was clearly distracted and failed to see the lights turn red as she sailed past the junction and turned onto Mulholland Drive, luckily avoiding oncoming traffic. However, despite a video paparazzo's Spears will not be prosecuted because there were no police officers at the scene. Sergeant Mike Lopez from the Los Angeles Police Department tells MTV news, "We can't just go by someone's (video) tape. "We have to witness it, unless it's an intersection with cameras that automatically take pictures of people running red lights, and then something gets mailed to the registered owner."