LATEST: Singer Britney Spears has stopped studying Kabbalah, because church leaders kept asking her for money, according to media reports in the US. The pop star was introduced to the faith, often described as Jewish mysticism, by Madonna in 2003. She posted a message on her website last month (MAY06), stating, "I no longer study Kaballah (sic), my baby is my religion." A source tells's The Scoop, "She's tired of the way (Kabbalah leaders) kept hassling her for money. "Actually, it was mostly her mother's decision. They were always asking Britney to tithe (donate a percentage of her income to the church). "There was a lot of pressure, and finally her mom said, 'Enough is enough.'" Spears onetime Kabbalah mentor, Madonna, reportedly has donated millions of dollars to the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. Spears' representative claims she has no idea why the singer left the religion, and hasn't asked.