Pop star Britney Spears was greeted by hundreds of excited fans as she arrived in New York's Times Square yesterday (18NOV03) to launch her new album IN THE ZONE.

Some of the five hundred admirers in attendance had been camping out for over three days to get the ME AGAINST THE MUSIC singer to sign their CDs.

And many of the youngsters waiting in line hit back at critics who had labelled the new material "devoid of personality" and "oversexed".

JESSICA MULLAN, who was first in the queue, insisted, "Nothing Britney does could suck."

However, some fans were left disappointed after meeting their idol.

Student SUMIT GALHOTRA, 19, moaned, "After 17 hours trembling in the cold, despite the fact that I love Britney, it wasn't exactly worth it. It was very quick and it was impersonal."

19/11/2003 17:47