Britney Spears has hit back at false tabloid reports which sparked speculation she is deliberately hurting herself - her reps have published the stories on her official website with a warning banner.
America's The National Enquirer and The Globe last month (Mar10) alleged the Toxic superstar had been self-harming after she was spotted sporting a nasty-looking bruise on her arm.
The National Enquirer report even claimed the star had plunged down a flight of stairs, and was only saved from real harm after a bodyguard grabbed her before she hit the floor.
But the star has reached out to fans to convince them the reports are false - by ordering the manager of her website to strike through the tabloid pages with a 'Bulls**t Alert'.
The pages of the magazines appear on her official site, with the alert, as well as a message from the website's boss.
The post reads, "The Enquirer and The Globe are printing more bulls#!t! Check out these ridiculous stories - Adam, Manager."