Britney Spears' new dentist has urged Hollywood's paparazzi to leave his star client alone after witnessing photographers swarm her as she visited him for two teeth-whitening sessions this week (begs26MAR07). DR WILLIAM DORFMAN admits he still cannot believe what he saw as an army of snappers tried to get a shot of Spears' first dental visits since checking out of rehab last week (ends23MAR07). Dorfman tells US TV news show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, "We checked her teeth. We did Zoom whitening. Everybody in Hollywood whitens their teeth. "C'mon give the kid a break! Just let her whiten her teeth." Dorfman has also cleared up a misunderstanding on Sunday (25MAR07), which left the media speculating about the pop star's health - after it appeared she checked into a Century City hospital. The dentist explains, "Britney came in here on Sunday. She had a tooth she wanted me to check. Unfortunately her driver accidentally went to the emergency room in Century City instead of my office. It's right in front." Dorfman insists Spears' two visits to his offices in the past five days were just routine: "I have to dispel any rumours; she is not having an extreme dental makeover."